Why I Love Cooking

vegetable slicesI wish I could love something else like my friends and colleagues but I’m hopelessly in love with cooking! Even at the tender age of eight, I knew I wanted to cook when I grow up. No I never fancied flying an aircraft or lecturing college students on String Theory – all I wanted was to be surrounded by the freshest herbs and condiments with the wok on the fire and cooking something delicious! Yes, I’m unabashedly in love with cooking!

Did I just repeat myself? Well, never mind. People do crazy things when they’re in love, especially if it’s cooking!

About a couple of years back, I moved out of our old house where my parents still live and settled in quaint little countryside house in Wisconsin. I guess I always wanted to live in a house that had a small backyard garden where I can grow some flowers and fresh herbs. I love fresh food and more than that I love cooking (Ah! I know I’m overdoing it).

Some of my close friends and family members stop by for a day or two and I treat them to some exotic dishes that I try perfecting when I’m not busy with gardening. Well, cooking can be hell of a fun as it gives immense joy and pleasure to see your guests praising you for all the hard work.

If I really get down to listing why I actually love cooking and can’t imagine my life without it then the following reasons have to be at the top of the list:

  • The sheer joy of experimenting: Possibilities galore when I actually hang out in my kitchen. There are some many combinations of ingredients that I can try to create new delicious dishes. I’m often spoilt for choice and feel overwhelmed because I simply love to experiment and it’s such a joyous experience. I can even share my kitchen experiences with my friends, fellow bloggers, readers and food enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • It’s good for the body and soul: Good home cooked food is not only good for our body but it’s great for our soul as well. Cooking is a great stress busting activity for me and often when I feel down, I go into the kitchen and treat myself to some real good food.
  • All for the praise: Unlike my other friends and siblings, I don’t consider myself multi-talented person; I only know cooking. Thus, cooking is my only way to earn some praises from my family members and friends. It’s worth all the effort in the kitchen!

Cook for the sheer love of cooking! It’s an art and a great way to spread joy among your near and dear ones. I love cooking…